*SQUAT is retiring! See our full announcement here. Thanks for your years of support!*

About Us

SQUAT is a non-profit grassroots media organization with editors and organizers around the US and Canada. We publish the quarterly SQUAT Birth Journal, and also bring birth workers and advocates together through our social media community and in-person conferences.

SQUAT provides a forum for new and emerging voices in birth and reproductive health to express their ideas, research, and insights. We strive to push the boundaries of mainstream media portrayals of birth and birth work, challenging concepts of what midwifery is and can be, and of what birth is and can be. We are “radical” because our work brings together social and reproductive justice issues with birth work and because we strive to tell stories that represent a wide array of mothers, families, birth workers, and future birth workers. We support the full spectrum of reproductive rights, including abortion rights, and support birth workers who continue to push the boundaries of sexual and reproductive health care.

What are you going to find within our pages?
SQUAT covers a diverse range of subject matter along a wide spectrum of topics related to midwifery, birth, parenting, and culture of the family. SQUAT features both prominent voices from within the birth world, alongside yet unknown, emerging voices. We aim to satisfy the diverse interests of our readership. We place an emphasis on writing that provides practical knowhow and inspirational wisdom, for those working to shift current birth culture as an essential part of their role in the midwifery and birth movement.

What are some important details you might want to know about us?

  1. SQUAT is read by all kinds of people. Primarily our readers are midwives, mothers, parents, doulas and birth workers, as well as people interested in reproductive rights and birth politics. It is being used in college courses and read by study groups. It is fun to read, so even if you are just coming into our community you’ll find your way just fine.
  2. We intersect issues that have previously not been connected in the conversations in our community.
  3. We are full color and filled with amazing imagery and we feature images of mothers of color and the work of midwives of color with pride and recognition that people of color need to be more visibly represented in the birth community.
  4. We are young. Our volunteer editors are all under 35 and although we take cues and seek guidance from our elder mentors we have a youthful agile spirit. We have been able to utilize new media technologies and approaches to grow quickly.
  5. We might freak you out, make you uncomfortable, make you cry, make you feel sexy, make you feel hot. Our content may occasionally offend you but it is also stretching your boundaries.