Back Issues

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15. Winter 2013/2014: Our Winter 2013/2014 issue is full of great articles including the brand new column, Sage Science, on research based midwifery practices, an interview with Grand Midwife Umm Salaamah “Sondra” Abdullah-Zaimah, artwork by the talented Amanda Greavette and more.

14. Fall 2013: Featuring commentary on international midwifery training, research on gestational diabetes, gorgeous placenta art, and more, this issue packs a punch!

13. Summer 2013: This extra-long issue packed with awesome content features photography by Jade Beall and Studio Betties.

12. Spring 2013: The Spring 2013 issue is full of delicious spring goodness. Featuring the artwork of Nikki McClure, the photography of Morgan Day Cecil, a bilingual Spanish/Español article, a healthcare profile on Ancient Song Doulas, an examination of Vitamin D AND SO MUCH MORE!

11. Winter 2012: This issue features artwork by Heidi Taillefer, a triplets birth story, an interview with Makeda Kamara, the professionalization of doulas, bilingual Mexican postpartum bath and more!

10. Fall 2012: This issue features the photography of Maxim Vakhovskiy, an interview with Georgeanne Chapin of Intact America, the benefits of chocolate in pregnancy, a surprise roadside twin birth and so much more.

9. Summer 2012: The Summer 2012 issue features an in-depth look at the resignation of MANA’s Midwives of Color Inner Council, the artwork of MOONbow ARTworks, a reproductive health report from Malawi, a tour of Manos Abiertas and more!

8. Spring 2012: This sexy Spring 2012 issue of SQUAT features an interview with Unassisted Birth author Laura Shanley, the photography of Roz Kumari, a sneak peak at A.K. Summer’s book ‘Pregnant Butch’, advice about finding time for good sex when you have young kids and more – so much more!

7. Winter 2011: This issue features an interview with Whapio Diane Bartlett, Squat’s spotlight on education with Ancient Art Midwifery Institute, the photography of Lynsey Stone, the benefits of drumming during labor and pregnancy, a close look at bilirubin, Gail Hart on ‘normal’ birth, siblings at birth, the artwork of Tess Kashetsky and more!

6. Fall 2011: This issue features an interview with Bruce Lipton, an article about listening to heart tones, how to make your own teaching tools, Spanish vocabulary for doulas, photography by Kevin Beasley and more!

5. Summer 2011: This beautiful issue features articles about the Catherine Ferguson Academy, evidence-based midwifery, birth choices and queer parenting, gender in the birth network, herbs for pregnancy, book reviews, artwork by Amanda Greavette, and tons more!

4. Spring 2011: Featuring photography by Chanda Williams, Nielsen’s photography, Ashlee Sperry and Rachel Valley’s Mother.Culture series, this is our most visually stunning issue yet! This issue also contains an interview with Robbie Davis-Floyd, an article on breastfeeding in public, organizations we love and more!

3. Winter 2010: This issue features: – Ina May Gaskin’s Safe Motherhood Quilt Project – Placenta Medicine – Birth and Incarceration – Maternal Death in the U.S.

2. Fall 2010: This issue features: – An Interview with Elizabeth Davis – Orgasmic Birth – Homeopathy for your Tooshie – Chia for Pregnancy – The Artwork of Bleu Wilding

1. Summer 2010: Our first issue! Featuring unassisted homebirth, breech homebirth, radical doulas,  due dates and artwork by Kate Hansen.